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Welcome to Surabaya

Today, my friend picks me up and we set off to check out a local market located in the center of Surabaya. The appeal of this market is that it runs along the train tracks, but of course, we showed up and it was already closed down for the most part. So, we went for a walk around the neighborhood anyways to see what it's all about and to meet some locals. Join us as we explore this neighborhood in Surabaya.

#surabaya #vlogindonesia #bakso
Nick K : More to come from Surabaya, anywhere else in East Java worth checking out?
SisMaranticaArane : Indonesians are very friendly and open dialogue even with foreigners/new ones
Geo Stelar : Appreciate ya willing to go down and film the not the prettiest location of the city Nick. Cool stuff!
Winong Calliares : Kita bukan negara maju.. Pemandangan jalur kereta api berbahaya..Pedagangnya Berantakan gak enak dilihat..
tapi inilah Realita yg harus dibenahi #Surabaya dan semua kota di #Indonesia
Paino Paino : I like watching your closer interaction with the locals in this Surabaya edition nick, keep going to explore and stay healthy!

A Tourist's Guide to Surabaya, Indonesia

I fly into Indonesia's second-largest city, Surabaya, over of the east coast of Java.

After checking into the colonial-rich Hotel Majapahit, I set off to see the sights of the city, including a Snake-Crocodile Monument, an unusual Chinese mosque, Heroes Monument, the Al-Akbar Grand Mosque, Bamboo Monument, the Submarine monument and the spectacular Grahadi Building, I finish of the evening by having a Bintang Beer in a rooftop bar.
KHAN : Beautiful City Love from PAKISTAN
AR : Came to know this beautiful city when my wife and I had to take a ferry from Bali to Surabaya during the Mt Agung eruption. Since then we made it point to detour to Surabaya every time we visit Bali.
Brian Miller : Beautiful city. All love from Canada
batik surabaya : Cukup mewakili destinasi wisata kota Surabaya walaupun ada beberapa yang belum diulas. Good job..!!
Heikkila-Visuals : I'm 100% Original Surabaya City Citizen, welcome to my City

First Impression of Surabaya - People told us NOT to COME?

72 hours in Surabaya, guys I still have 2-3 videos about malang will come up soon, but first let’s go to Surabaya first. Lots of ppl told us need to come here, the city is dirty and people are less welcoming, but is it true tho? Let’s find it out together in today’s video!

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Byanca G : Hi everyone thank you so much for watching today’s video, feel free to give us suggestions of where to go next don’t forget you can also join me on my Instagram: “byancagr ”. Have a good day see you soon!
Dany #gotaworldtosee : City of Heroes I Heard-
Marcos San : Me and my family had the best time in Bali. The atmosphere there felt more free & natural ❤️
Ridwan : Indonesia consists of many good cities, I thought none of them is bad. Each city has their uniqueness. Surabaya is similar to Jakarta, so lively, city of businesses, good hotels, good food. Dont believe bad people said about Indonesia cities. I love Indonesia. Jakarta, Surabaya, Malang, Solo, Jogjakarta, Medan, Manado, woww beautiful cities
Hendry Liando : So sorry to know that you had unpleasant welcome after arriving at train station. Hope you have a great time in Surabaya. I myself lives in Surabaya the city where I was born and raised.




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